What oes it mean when a former teacher does this?

So this former teacher is married and have kids , she used to teach us long time ago , we didn't even talk , even though all the students talk to her , anyway after she left i emailed her asking for something regarding school and she said she is happy to help she kept emailing me just ti say that im a smart person and i should use that to get better grades. Later i asked her one more time about her opinion about something personal and she seemed so happy and she emailed me back saying that she is happy to give me her opinion , now she suggestion for me to work in the same place like her or even a close place because she lives mow far away , she said its a good place to work on better than the other places im thinking about , why she want that?


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  • So far it doesn't really indicate any romantic interest in you (if that's what you're wondering). It seems like a woman who is being polite and friendly. It could very well be her way of taking care of an old student (some teachers may still feel responsible for people even if they've already graduated from their class). Also, depending about the severity of your personal question, it could just be her being genuinely concerned for you well being and wanting to help.


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