Tips on dating officers?

I've currently been seeing this police officer and want to eventually let it lead into something else. he's handsome, sweet, and really adventurous in bed with me too lol. Im afraid we might never move beyond just the sex. We have hung out just cuddling for an hour or two once before and he didn't mind. He seems to enjoy my company and I like him. Not just because he's a cop lol but I know they are really busy people.. how can I keep his attention? Any cops out there want to tell me what they like in a partner? :x I'm curious, I know everyone is different but you never know..


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  • Cops, schmops, guys are pretty much the same.

    If you give us sex before commitment, we get WAY less interested in commitment.

    Casual sex is fine if that is what you want. It doesn't lessen you as a person at all.

    BUT, if you are looking for a long term relationship, push back physical intimacy.

    • I've always liked the idea of having a relationship with someone who I KNEW was into me physically. I mean, if she's going to be interested in sex before getting serious, how much more interested is she going to be (and how much better will the sex be) when there's deep feelings involved?

      YOU might not be interested in commitment for whatever reason, but you don't speak for the rest of us.

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    • lol you know the name of the site already tarnishes its credibility. It's pretty chauvinistic and makes me not curious about the name.. sounds like something true of 19th century England :p a lot of friends with benefits can end up with the guy having feelings and the girl... not.

    • Na, not really, its pretty feminist friendly. Its just aimed at men, which I don't see the problem with, as I was talking to a guy who commented.
      Plus, one of the studies listed was created by a woman.

      Don't turn it into a gender thing.

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  • A cop? Cut him loose NOW!
    Swing shifts, rotating days off. All of it sucks. Not to mention the ONLY decent cops I've come across are Chicago cops. They don't have time for petty BS.
    Go find a fireman.

  • Good luck with all that. Even if he isn't into you for more than sex most likely he will control you or at least try.


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  • You should pull a Kristen Wiig from Bridesmaids and do things to piss him off so he'll notice you! (Totally kidding, don't do that lol)

    If you want more than sex, try asking him if on a day off he would want to go out to dinner, go see a movie, etc and don't have sex with him afterwards. That way he'll get a chance to know you better without it leading to sex. Go out somewhere in public so he can't push for sex, since you want more, and I think you should do other things besides have sex.

    Just be very aware of what his schedule is like... he won't always have weekends off, might work crazy hours, and could (if he is like the average cop in my family) seem very agitated after work. Just keep asking to see him and eventually tell him how you feel!

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