Do guys lie about loving a girl?

I'm in love with my SO, but he has some issues, about 3 weeks ago he told me he loved me. Honestly I'm not the most "challenging" person to date (I. e. I don't play hard to get, I'm not mean, I don't really get jealous etc.) and sometimes I think he WANTS that!!

I can really only be myself.. and I find it hard to be... anything but caring/ sweet/ etc. with him. He says he loves me, he says he isn't with anyone else, but I know he talks to other girls.

And he's going through a hell of a lot right now. So he gets distant, and he isn't always there for me / isn't the most romantic etc. Which is fine, I'm patient and understanding of his circumstances. But could he be lying about loving me? I'm really afraid that he might leave me for someone who doesn't love him like I do, someone who doesn't give a crap and who is "challenging" etc. That's what he is used to :/


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  • I think that most men have that one girl that they love. Like their alpha she wolf or wifey. But they always feel the need to validate themselves with other women to kinda prove that they are the big man that every girl wants.

    • Yeah... I think so too. I think of it (and this is kind of bad..) but kind of like Carmela and Tony Soprano. Like Tony has other women (I mean I'm not saying my SO has other women like Tony does!! haha) but he has other women, but Carmela is his love and life, you know?

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  • if I ever joked about this, it would be obvious

    • It's not obvious at all. He seems very serious. But his actions aren't all that indicative of it... also he is scared of getting close.

    • Getting hurt rather.

    • that's what one of the exes said. give him time and space...

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