Asking a girl to homecoming?

I have a huge crush on a girl who found out a few months ago but I'm not sure if she still knows I like her. Now in the summer, we still text a lot sometimes and we're friends, although we haven't seen eachother this summer. School starts in a week and homecoming is early this year. I know I have a competitor who's also after her but I don't know who he is. The problem I'm having is this girl doesn't like dances and previous years has said to her friends she'll deny everybody who asks her to homecoming because she doesn't want to go. One of our mutual friends suggested to me that I should ask her casually over text what she would do if someone asks her. If she says she'll maybe go then It would be a bit of a hassle but I could surprise her at her sports practice and ask her. If I wait a week until school starts up it might be too late. If she says she doesn't want to go then I'd wait till school and ask her there with some sweets or something and she might make an exception for me because I can safely assume other boys would be denied especially since according to others I have the best chance of dating her in the future. Anyways, I've also heard I should man up and surprise her and ask her in person and skip the casual question. But I still feel that I should know before hand whether she wants to go or not. Another advantage is if I get denied I'll know whether it was me or whether it was her disliking of homecoming most likely. Any suggestions or opinions for revising my approach to this?


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  • Text her and wait


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