How can I gain Confidence in my Relationship?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 4 months (over summer). Recently, we just got back to school and realized we had 0 classes together. (We try to walk together during passing periods and try to talk to each other during lunch) BUT the thing is, we're both really awkward and our conversations consist of a lot of "uuh" and "um" and the same questions over and over again. I'm scared that our relationship will be so awkward that we break up... Advice, please?


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  • It not that big of a deal, but ask yourself this question. "When something happens in my life is he the first person i want to share it with?" If the answer is yes then you should keep pursuing the relationship, if not then just sit down and talk about your future. My soon to be fiancee lives an hour away from me and has for years. But we talk all the time and facetime like every night because we just want to share everything and hear from each other. Relationships are about breaking out of your shell, dont be nervous around each other because you like each other! If it was meant to be the who you really are should not scare him away. My girl has a stomach disease where its tough for her to eat things, she eats really slow and sometimes as to get up and go throw up, I love her all the same, it doesn't effect me because I love her and Ill just sit and wait :)


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  • >_< Hard with no classes together... Any afterschool stuff you can do together?


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