Should I date him despite the rumors?

So there's this guy that really really lies me. I used to have feelings for him till recently I heard a lot about him and I began to think of some past things between us. For one, I know he is not my type, I don't really wanna date him, I feel like he's forcing me to date him. The rumors are that he wanted to have sex with the biggest bitch in school. Like this girl bullied me throughout freshman year and half of sophomore year. And also we were supposed to go to a dance together but he told me he met someone he really liked so I said he should go with her. That was back at the beginning of junior year. It's my senior year now and he's a Junior, I've too him no a lot but he seems to not take a hint. Should I just ignore him and not date him? Or should I just go for it and get it over with. I don't know what to do.


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  • If you "give in" and date him, he's going to be a manipulative controlling bastard who will probably push you into sex you don't want (hello date rape!), crush your emotions, and ruin your self-esteem. And maybe cheat on top of it.

    This guy's an asshole. You've told him 'no' and he keeps harassing you. Have you got a support network - people you can talk to and can help keep you from going crazy while you deal with this sh*t?

    • I talked to my friend about it but all she did was tease me that he likes me. And most of my other friends don't give the best advice.

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    • He's a grade below but me and my friends are like 17/18 now. We live in a small city place... yeah... haha

    • >< I know how small places can be a pain... Maybe a small "city" is better than a small "town..." Well, long term, you should think about how you can meet more people, because it sounds like you're seeing things a lot more clearly than your friends are, and it'd help to have more support there!

      Any adults worth talking to?

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  • Try it and see for yourself


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  • If you don't want to then don't. Don't ever settle. Find someone you want to be with and who wants to be with you

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