Will I ever hear from him again after tonight?

I had a great date with a guy and ended up staying over. It was our fifth. My crazy sister was weirded out that I was staying over a guy's house and SHE doesn't know him (like she'e my mom) and came to get me at 2AM. I went to bed weary because I had a suspicion she would flip. This made me easily hear the doorbell being rung. I answered the phone and told him I had to go because he woke up at that point. I said something like 'my sister is here... I wonder what's up' to play it cool. Before we walked passed his parent's room he said to try to be quiet. I got a hug and a kiss and told him to have a nice day the next day and he said you too.
I'm worried that
a) he heard the doorbell being rung and now thinks I'm crazy
(not sure if he did)
b) she actually called his phone twice and he might be like wtf? who is this
c) he thinks I'm weird for leaving in the middle of the night


He was going to give me a ride home whenever I wanted because he had no work the next day. I'm sick of my sister treating me like a child.


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  • He doesn't care and your sister is awesome

    • is that a yes... lol

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    • Thats what makes her awesome

    • "awesome" as in "entertaining?"

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  • You know, crazier things happen.

    Nothing says you can't tell him the story of what went down - if nothing else, the two of you can spend time together talking about how crazy your sister is!

    Have fun, be safe, be patient


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  • I don't think she over reacted too much. Imagine the thoughts going through her head. She probably thought this guy was either going to use you or the fact that she doesn't know him made her upset bc he could've been a pshyco. I wish my sister was like this. It would've saved me from some mistakes. You're lucky she cares so much about you. My sister said I'm dead to her and doesn't care about me at all. Maybe next time introduce him to her then after awhile have him stay at your house as long as your sister isn't going to be too overbarring.

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