I love this man but what he does at night? 10 points?

I really really like a guy I ve known for 7 months. He is 9 years older than me.
He is very cute and relatable. He is single.

But I notice he is always up at midnight especially between 1-2 am.
Most of the time he will write some status on Facebook or upload his pictures.

He does not use his personal FB acc much but he has a page through which he mostly stays in touch. Its on that page he does all this updating.

Or he will retweet some tweets on twitter. He does login on Twitter in mornings or afternoon but a lot of times, he does this at midnight.

I have been noticing this since Feb when I first got in touch with him.

It does not look like he sleeps at night & stays busy looking at stuff on FB/twitter.

Sometimes he ll update his Facebook page status at 4am.

He is a bit mad coz he is single but he claimed publicly on radio that he's married to keep away teenage girls from pestering him.
Also he does really weird things sometimes.

He is an unhappy soul. Has some problems in life. His mother died a few years back so he's pretty touchy on that fact.

So any idea what he must be doing at midnight? Like does he watch p**n? Or indulges in chats with girls? Or he's just someone who does not sleep much?


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  • It sounds like you are a bit infatuated, and most likely over-analyzing a lot of things. Firstly, it really isn't your concern what he is doing at midnight, he isn't accountable to anyone about his actions except himself. There are a near infinite number of things he could be doing. Watching p*rn, talking to girls, watching TED talks, reading wikipedia and learning about nuclear physics, writing poetry, writing a computer program that will write poetry for him so he doesn't have to, looking at pictures of cats wearing funny hats, getting caught up with news around the world... anything. I haven't gone to bed before 1am in probably 20 years, give or take maybe a dozen times. And I can promise you that most of those times have involved zero pornography.

    You claim that you like him, but you are already judging him, and he hasn't even done anything.


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  • Damn, I read this question hoping he turned out to secretly be a masked crime fighter by night.

  • Holy fucking stalker. What he does at midnight is his business unless he tells you.

  • He is a vampire. lol.

    Just kidding...

    I believed it's his daily routine/ habit and he is depressed.

    • how do you think he's depressed?

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  • He's probably doing whatever the fuck he wants.

    Are you serious?

  • I think you need to stop thinking about it so much, people have different sleep patterns. My parents are always up at 2am, I can just turn up at their house and there they'll be, pottering about, drinking tea, listening to the radio... They're just night owls. Why are you bothered so much?

  • How do you even know this? We have a stalker on our hands

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