Some signs exist that suggest I can escape friend zone, but it's unclear. Is it possible given these observations?

I have a very close female friend whom I've known since college, which was 6 years ago. Like me, she went to school 4 years late, so she's my age.

While we were in college, she'd always invite me to her dorm room to hang out and watch movies. One night when I thought things were going pretty well, I tried to kiss her and she turned a cheek. She said she only wanted to be friends. It was awkward after that when we saw each other, but it was almost the end of the school year so I wasn't too concerned with it.

In the fall, when we came back, she saw me in the dorm lobby and was happy to see me, and it was like nothing even happened the year before. I took this as a blessing and decided not to make a move on her again, although I did not tell her that.

Now, 6 years later, I'm starting to question that. But she's showing possible signs of interest. We both touch each other in playful conversation. She laughs at a lot of my jokes. I poke fun at her and she laughs like crazy.

We have a lot in common. I'm a developer, she's a designer. We both like roller coasters and tornadoes. She said she'd love to go chasing with me if the chance existed. We go to Six Flags a lot.

One time we got to talking about dating, and she said she doesn't see the point of going on dates, because it's too much like a job interview, which I agreed with her on. She said she wants to date someone whom she already knows very well. To my knowledge, there really isn't that many other guys that fit that bill, and I'm wondering if that was an open invitation to make a move.

I asked another female friend about this scenario and she said that she could be "feeling me out" for possible interest. However, when I told her about the failed kiss attempt, she promptly reversed course on that idea, and said that if she was truly interested, she'd make it known. She's pretty shy though.

What do you think? Given these conditions, could I theoretically escape the friend zone with her?

Other bits I couldn't get in due to the 2000-char limit:
* We've shared hotel rooms several times (2 beds)
* She lives 3 hours away
* I don't want to chance destroying what we have if she's not interested
* I've met her parents, they like me


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  • In college you were both equally poor but now you make a lot more money than her. I think she likes you.


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  • This is hard, because what her actions are saying now is that she is mildly interested. But due to her rejecting you earlier, it's hard to read. In my experience, I have only done that with guys I friend zoned to see if they still liked me-- just in case.

    But you should nonchalantly ask, where do she see the both of you guys relationship in the future?


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  • Ask her out point blank. That's the only way to no for sure.