Why is boyfriend didn't tell me his last name? And do u think there hope for me that He want to be in relationship with me?

I just knew him for a couple weeks, and we are still dating but didn't get to spend more time for our 2nd date. And he wants to be just good friends with me, because of his job that kept him too busy, he told me before. When his free he will make time for me ( And I hope so he will?) and 3days back he text & told me "What is my full name?" And I text my full name too him, l did told him the same question when he told me. And he reply "Big story will tell u later.." ( and this is my first time a guy told me like that? ) I knew his first name.. But not his the last name. Why is that so he didn't tell me and Do you think there's hope for me, that I and my boyfriend can be in a relationship? Cause we now good friends and still getting too kw each other well.. I know his not ready to tell me saying "I love you" to me. Our first date is so far so good? We did kiss lips to lips and hug each other while we watching movie his the one make his move on me. His 30 n I'm 27.. Pls help

He told me yday too make myself busy and find my career. Why?


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  • Dia takut kerana nanti if shit happens, dia takut you go FBI on him. Itu je lah..


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  • If he will not tell you his name, he is hiding something. If he will not tell you his name AFTER asking you for your full name, he is hiding something and being very dodgy. That's a huge red flag and you should run.

    If he was into you, he could make time. There is always time. Nobody is ever too busy to even just grab a coffee with someone unless they choose not to be.

    He is not treating this like a relationship at all. You are being played, and by the sounds of it, you should be particularly cautious.


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  • Wait, so how many dates have you been on and when was the last one?

    The reason I ask is because him saying he just wants to be friends doesn't make sense if he's kissing you on the date. What also doesn't jive is that he's telling you to make yourself busy with other things.