Keep asking me to join hims and his friends?

A guy I'm dating for about a month texts me to join him and his fiends. The texts come in the evenings. Could someone explain me pls?

and is he playing me?

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the text messages are late evening.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Seriously? What do you think? Join him! Men are simple creatures. If he wants you to join him, he wants you to join him.

    • why does he text me late? is this a booty call?

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    • yes he is at the restaurant/bar at that moment.

    • Then join him! :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Usually when a guy invites you out with him AND his friends, he isn't playing you... You should go out... If he acts the same way towards you when its just the two of you and when he is out with his friends, then not a player... I grew up with all boys and all my friends have been males for as long as i can remember... and I've listened to guy talk... I say give it a go!