What are some of the signs that he's dating others why claiming that we are exclusive if he's being cautious about not leaving any evidence?

Yeah as the title says. This guy reminds me of someone I dated long time ago who turned out to be a jerk because he claimed that we were in a relationship but did stuff with other girls which you don't do when you're in a relationship.

This guy reminds me of him in a lot of ways - the only thing that distinguishes them is that my ex was insecure and he's confident.

What would I guy NOT do/say if he was dating others and keeping his options open?


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  • well every guy has their own tactics on cheating and hiding and being deceitful. but generally, the obvious one, he's too personal with his phone and never wants you to go through it when you ask.

    • Other than his phone - how would his week look? Would he go on dates in work days or only in the weekends? If he's "only" hooking up with them, would it usually be during the day or typically at night? When would he disappaear?

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    • Okay for instance.

      Ever since he's started an intern program 5 weeks ago (he's got a week left) he's always out on wednesdays and fridays claiming he's out with work. Okay 1 or 2 dinners I would understand that but 4 out of 6 wednesdays not to mention the fridays where he's out with work (i mean really). On wednesdays he will always text me after i've gone to sleep at like 1 pm, and on wednesdays he will text me the next day in the afternoon telling me that it got a bit late and start a conversation etc.

    • just to clarify, do you mean 1 am?

      oh and also what do you mean by 4 out of 6 Wednesdays, you mean like he skipped out on dinner with you? or went out to dinner without you?

  • Has exclusivity been discussed? If you are simply dating that does not mean commitment. Many women date multiple men at the same time before going exclusive so why can't a man do the same thing?

    • Yeah he said he wants a relationship?

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    • But what would you do for instance if she was the only one - something you wouldn't do if she was one out of many?

    • I'd talk less to other women and flirt less. Prioritise that woman over all others. I'd still keep female friends though.

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