Girl I like is growing distant for no apparent reason?

I've been talking with this girl for about 7 months now and we really like each other (or so I thought). We hang out a lot of the time and Skype a lot at night. She got my Skype and phone number from her bestfriend who I'm really good friends with because she didn't know how to ask me, That's pretty much how we starting talking. Recently, she started becoming distant from me, she doesn't call anymore and barely texts me. Just last week she told mher bestfriend that she REALLY likes me and likes being around me, like wtf? She literally calls me everyday and texts me anytime and now it's like she doesn't even know me.. I'm annoyed because we were making plans for this weekend but I have a feeling she may not want to go. I'm so confused.

I know you guys are going to say "maybe you're boring/she lose interest, blah blah". But seriously, that's not the case.. I know for a fact that isn't the reason. what do you guys/girls think I should do?


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  • You know for a fact she isn't losing interest in you? How do you know? Has she told you directly? Do NOT trust the girlfriend's of hers advice. They will say things you want to her. She may have even told them she likes spending time with you, knowing they'll repeat that to you.

    Ask her IN PERSON, if she's interested or not. If she says yes, then try to go with it. If she denies interest or doesn't give you a direct answer, let her go. An indirect answer means she's probably not interested in you, but doesn't want to hurt you either.