Girls, Do I look dateble?

Ok let me share my story in short first. I grew up heavilly obese since early childhood. It got to the point where I had over 130kg. As a result I looked utterly asexual and never really had a chance to develop any dating skills to speak of. Well lately I've been putting in a lot aof effort and managed to lost over 40kg. Really improved my physique quite a bit. I feel quite lonely actually and I'd like to go out and meet some girls. But I am at a loss. I have really little to none social skills and very little experience (had sex only once in my whole life). But that's my cross to bear and to deal with. What I am asking is Do I look good enough to be dateble? Or can I expect to be rejected based solely on my physical appareance? Am I ready or should I wait a few more months and put in some more work losing more weight and putting on more muscle before I dive in? Please be honest. I wouldn't ask if I wanted people to spare my feelings.

Photo here:
s28. postimg. org/8911lz0a5/IMG_2954. jpg

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Also ignore the stains. I've been handwashing some clothes shortly before taking the photo. it's just water :-)


Most Helpful Girl

  • No offense, but some toning would do you good.
    I mean you have nothing to be ashamed of... but some weight training would help.

    • Thanks. I am well aware of that. I am doing several physical activites at the moment including weight training. It definitely is a work in progress and I have every intention of making.

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What Girls Said 3

  • You certainly don't look like you are 130 kg. You have lost a lot of weight and you look fine now.

  • Czechs are good looking people as far as I've seen, usually tall and blonde, and ofcourse you'll find someone to like you... I like you're hands ;) ... and yes, you're dateable , don't worry.

  • The biggest problem are those boxers. Ugly and dirty. Get better ones


What Guys Said 1

  • It dosn't matter how you look... you have to be presentable but it whats inside that counts... You want a girl that likes you not your body.