How long should I give her? How long before I walk away?

I'm going to ask this girl out and she told me she is going to say yes. But she just got out of a 5 month long relationship a week and a half ago. She told me the other day that she was ready to date me, but then yesterday right before I was gonna ask her she said that she still isn't ready. Which I was okay with because I don't want to rush her into anything. But how long should I give her before I walk away? How long do you think should be long enough for her to get over him?


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  • you already told her you wanted to ask her out. that qualifies as asking her out. she declined.

    if she wants to go out with you next time shell ask you. its on her court now.

    you dont have to walk away as in never talk to her again but you are free to see other people. if she wants you she has to let you know. dont wait around like a puppy. imo.

    dont waste time waiting for something that might happen. if it happens great but dont pass up other people while waiting.


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  • Walk away now. When she's ready, if she's serious, she'll find you. Believe me, they will string you along if you're not careful. The fact she got out of a bad relationship, and you're asking her out makes her feel confident. She may just like the fact you're asking her, but she has no intention on following through with it.

    • Should I talk to her about it? Or confront her?

    • But I don't know if that's true because my friend asked her if we are going to date and she said when she's ready yes. Then he told her that I was going to ask and asked her what she was going to say, and she told him she was going to yes. I'm just confused.

    • I would still walk away. When she's ready, if she ever is, she'll find you. Don't go by what she tells friends. Go by her actions toward you.