Haven't seen this guy in 2 weeks , please help !?

I was "seeing" this guy for 4 months. He usually made a point to see me at least once a week. Than one day he kinda just did the slow fade and stopped texting me for about a week. He finally than texted me it was short and casual. Than this week he called me to tell me he couldn't come to a wedding with me that I had asked him to about 4 weeks ago, because it was his cousins sweet 16. We talked for alittle than he texted me after that asking me were the wedding was and it would be funny if it was at the same venue. Today I texted him , asked him what his plans for the night were. I just asked him because I want to talk and settle things ask him why he went MIA for a bit. It's been an hour and he hasn't answered back? Do you think I made a mistake? I just need advice on this situation


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  • Something could possibly be going on with him right now. Maybe he's just been busy or there's a slight possibility that there could be someone else. I really hope it isn't the second one.