Does a nonchalant hin. Work or does the guy need to be told?

A guy friend of mine and I used to flirt a lot but we don't have a class together this year (and we never really texted. We've just always had two or three classes together.) and I really want him to ask me to homecoming this year. We have a close mutual friend and they share a class so is there anything she could say to get the point across without making me sound desperate? I don't necessarily like him but I certainly have a crush on him and I think we'd have a good time and there's another guy who's told my best friend he's asking me and I don't really want to go with him. Please help 😭


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  • guys are stupid when it comes to signs.. we NEED women to tell us so we know. Or give such an obvious sign that he gets it.

    You should be just tell him hey I need a date for homecoming you should take me there.


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  • Guys suck at taking hints. I think the more forward you are with him the better.

    • This is true. I've missed out on a great girl in high school because I couldn't take a hint and found out nearly a decade later that she really liked me, perhaps the only girl. Just let the guy know because we can be very clueless.

    • Wow... That must really suck. I bet if one girl liked you , many others did too. You just don't know it.