Women, how can I overcome my fear of you so I can approach and ask you out?

Women, how can i overcome my fear of you so i can approach and ask you out?


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  • Have a lot of confidence. Dress nicely, start the conversation. Women like it when men are more dominant in conversation and dating. But keep in mind that if you're more recessive, you just need to hold up your end. be confident in yourself and plan out what you want to say, but don't overthink it or you'll come off nervous or uptight.

    • What if im ugly and i get rejected

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  • When you see a girl you like, quickly pat her on the arm. It's hard to back off from that without immense shame and embarrassment to haunt you for weeks to come, so you'll usually try to make that pat count.

  • Most of us don't bite

    • Yeah but you reject

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    • I dont. And that doesn't make it right..

    • Never said you did. Guys and girls in general reject. Please don't take that personally. I would just start by having a normal everyday conversation with her. Ask her a question. It can be about anything. If you see her and you are both at the same place, just come up with something about where you are both at. There's your common ground. Get her and you to laugh. That always helps break the ice.

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