Girl sets herself as the prize and then plays hard to get?

Should I consider a sign of bad things to come:

Go on a date with a girl, she tells me I have to catch her by let's say x time.

She then begins to play the classic symptoms of hard to get:
Replies a 1 to 2 days later
Says she's busy but wants a raincheck (no definitive date, just wants a raincheck)
Tells me she's hanging out with a guy friend
Tells me other guys were whistling at her
Doesn't initiate contact via text/phone/e-mail but whenever we're in the same place constantly hovers around me and tries to get my attention
Keeps asking me about my life (which I am always vague about anyway)
Will sometimes go out with me other times disappear/be busy.

Should I consider this a sign of bad things to come or am I reading too much into it?


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  • she's a pain in the ass and bitch who is playing hard to get... stop wasting your time


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  • She sounds insecure and like a pain in the ass. I'd look for someone else. If she is this insecure on her own, she will still be in a relationship, maybe even worse.


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  • She sounds like a pain in the butt. I would find a girl that isn't going to play tons of mind games.