Guys, is flirting cheating if you're not 'official'? Help please?

I feel SO bad I was flirting!!! So we've been dating about a month.. I don't know if it's official yet though.. I normally just say "Sorry but I'm dating someone" if someone starts flirting with me. But this time I didn't and I feel AWFUL. Please help? Thanks.

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  • Just make sure you don't do it again, okay?
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  • Emotionally cheating in my opinion is just as bad a physically cheating. That being said, if you are not call yourselves boyfriend and girlfriend i wouldn't consider it cheating. But there is a certain exclusivity to dating, it really depends on somebody's opinion

    • I feel it is too.. It wasn't in person I should also just say.. This is my first relationship.. So I'm really new to this kind of stuff..

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    • Is he looking for long term or short term etc

    • Ahhh, great idea thanks again!

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What Guys Said 3

  • to be honest no, as long as you don't take it too far its fine

  • I think if you feel bad about it, you should apologize for it, and ask for his opinion on the matter. He may not even care at all.

    • He doesn't know..

    • wether he knows or not, it would still get it off of your conscious. If he gets upset, we'll you're apologizing, and he's kind of a dick, if he doesn't then you're home free. Win - Win

    • Good idea, thank you!

  • Flirting is harmless even if you're married.


What Girls Said 1

  • No it's just harmless flirting.
    You're not even committed yet so why not?

    Options are still open if you're not official.