Is this man really married or lying?

I really really like a guy I ve known for 7 months.
He is very cute and relatable. He is single. as people say

He is a bit mad coz he is single but he claimed publicly on radio that he's married to keep away teenage girls from pestering him.

He claimed on air he's married for 2 years. When he was asked if he's single, he SKIPPED the question, saying can i skip this Q? and wasn't willing to answer. When pressed he said he's married for 2 years.

But nobody has ever seen his wife. No pics, nothing. Not even with him. He only takes his pics. He takes pics with his female friends but no wife.
He comes alone at parties. His 'wife' was absent on his birthday party. 'wife' never shows up to see him at work.

When pple asked him to show at least family pic, he said he will only talk about work & does not want to discuss his life. Finally all forgot about it.

He said girls annoyed him by calling at midnight & night time is for family but he lives alone and is always up at night busy doing things on his phone.

But I notice he is always up at midnight especially between 1-2 am.
Most of the time he will write some status on Facebook or upload his pictures.

He does not use his personal FB acc much but he has a page through which he mostly stays in touch. Its on that page he does all this updating.

Or he will retweet some tweets on twitter. He does login on Twitter in mornings or afternoon but a lot of times, he does this at midnight.

I have been noticing this since Feb when I first got in touch with him.

It does not look like he sleeps at night & stays busy looking at stuff on FB/twitter.

Sometimes he ll update his Facebook page status at 4am.

Also he does really weird things sometimes.

He is an unhappy soul. Has some problems in life. His mother died a few years back so he's pretty touchy on that fact.

So any idea what he type he is?


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  • I think he is either afraid of having a relationship with a woman, or he is gay and hasn't come out of the closet yet.

    • means? like is he married or lied to keep away girls?

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    • And he did not want to admit if he is single or not. All his vacations, going to his hometown, he does all by himself, no wife anywhere

    • I have heard that marriage records are made public, so if you look up how you might be able to find out for sure.

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  • It seems like he just doesn't want people to know about his *real* love life

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