What does it mean when a girl do this in the first meeting?

I was trying to finish some papers regarding my exam im new graduate , and i went to this girl office for help , i waited for her half hour , she came she was good looking woman , i stood up to let her set thats was her chair she said no it okay , but when i started to tell her why im here i stood up to let her set , she told me that i should bring a paper next week , then she started to tell me that she is leaving the work i asked her why she told me her other job payes to her more , anyway we kept talking and she kept looking at my eyes smiling she told me how much she is worried about leaving and going to a new job , she told me she made alit of friend i told her u seem friendly she told me i wasn't before but i got used to it everybody knows what im thinking now i told her i used to be like that but after my experince in studying i got more quite she told me suddenly its attractive to be mysterious i smiled and said yes it does , i told her do that in ur new job she laughed and said i will , we talked about astrology because i love it , then before i leave she said sorry i didn't know u were waiting for me i told her its okay and i left because i didn't want to be annoying i told her i will come next week, she told me she will be here full day , why she kept talking to me like this she asked me about my studying and my job? I asked her about her age she is only three months older , what does her behavior mean? Why she is so friendly when she is leaving anyway?


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  • because she's friendly, period.


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