In love with someone from another country?

I'm 20, the guy is 22, he goes to Uni in Amsterdam & I live in England.
We started talking about March time this year through a friend over facebook. Although he goes to Uni in Amsterdam his family actually lives in England.
We immediately hit it off & sent emails everyday until he came to my home town in August.
We spent a few days in eachothers company. We had the most amazing chemistry. He was kind, loving, friendly, sweet and intelligent. When I was with him I felt safe, it just felt right. We both got upset when it was time to leave. He told me it was 'such a shame' I lived so far away and he didn't want me to go.

Since he left we've been sending emails still, but sometimes he takes a week or so to reply now.
He has said that he wants to continue talking to me but I just worry he'll find someone in Amsterdam and being with them all the time, it'll be easy for him.
He seems to act like he wants a relationship with me, but maybe he just thinks it'd be too hard?
I've also been asked out on dates recently and I'm not sure whether going would hurt him?

Is it just not going to work? Should I distance myself from him?


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  • So I've done the long distance only online thing. I live in the US and they lived in the UK. Yes it's hard being so far away, but maybe you need a different way than just email to communicate. You can always Skype or find a website to chat on.
    If you really like him, I suggest not going on dates, or discuss how you feel about seeing other people until you can see each other. If you wanna chat me or something my message box is always open

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