Annoyed during a long distance relationship?

My boyfriend and I have been doing long distance for over a month. he just got a house a couple days ago and we talked a lot over the phone and Skype when he first moved and then he started to get more busy during the renting/moving process. He just got cable and internet yesterday and we made a plan to Skype. at first, we talked on the phone around 8 his time, and then after 30min his brother was yelling for him and he had to go and said hed call me back. I waited up until 2am for a call, we texted during that time but he wouldn't call me driving me crazy. I feel like I wait up all night for these calls because when its 11 there its 1am here. Then I get so mad that he doesn't even want to talk on the phone because of how mad I am. Im just tired of waiting up when he knows how important these calls are to me. I don't know if I should stop approaching the situation so strong or what. When he does that, I feel like he doesn't want to talk to me yet he will text me. Its sooo annoying.


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  • explain to him how that makes you feel, and you have a valid argument because of the time difference its just too late for you while its still earlier for him. he should understand that.


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