Has anyone heard of "spydialer"?

I think my boyfriend has a tracking device on my phone. I received a call from the spy dial number and I visited the website and typed in his cell number his voicemail comes on And my voicemail was on there listed under my number being recorded as me repeatedly saying "hello" when it's not even my voicemail currently. His number even shows up as his location on the website when I type it in. How do you know if your phone has a tap on it? Has anyone heard of this site? I got a call from a 775 number


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  • Yea, but he has to have installed the app on your phone first, it's a hidden app though. Does he do stuff on your phone sometimes?

    • NAwl he haven't had it at all

    • I doubt he did then. I know a girl who's boyfriend did that to her, the exact same one, spy dialler. When we looked on their website, it gives you instructions for when you buy it, and I think the first or second step was to install it on the target phone. If he doesn't mess around with your phone, he probably hasn't had a chance to install it.
      I don't get why his and your number would be on there though, that's really weird. Something dodgy either way, because that's not normal lol.

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