To Kiss or NOT to Kiss...

okay so my boyfriend and I most likely won't be able to see each other this summer at all...I have to survive one more month without him. When we get to see each other (as soon as school starts back up) should I kiss him? This may sound like an easy answer..Yes right? Well here's the catch, we haven't kissed yet...and neither of us have had our first kiss...should I initiate? Or should I just continue to wait?


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  • He didn't deserve your kiss


    • Aww thanks =) and you are totally right

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  • I remember my first kiss very well, and I definitely waited for him to make the move. Of course, I really wanted to make the first move, but I had talked with my best friend about it, who happens to be a guy, and he told me that it might make him feel less secure about the relationship if I were to initiate the kiss. I would definitely recommend letting him know that you're ready. Maybe try kissing him on the cheek after hugging hi. He might take that as a hint that it's okay to kiss you.

    • I agree, I think though that when you kiss him on the cheek, do it sort of close to the lips, but still on the cheek. That way it makes a more obvious hint & is still innocently suggesting it.

    • Thanks guys! =) Ok, ill kiss him on the cheek amd see what