White guys only - What do you look for in a girl?

I'm of Indian descent but I was born and bred in Australia. I really like white guys - they're tall, fair, sharp featured, handsome, muscular, creative, romantic, open minded and good in bed.
I can't, however, seem to keep them beyond a few dates or one night stands. I was wondering what white guys look for in a relationship with a woman? What do I need to do?


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  • If you are talking about just a few guys you need do nothing but stay the course until you meet your match. If you mean more than that, you have come to the right place to ask your question. Here are my suggestions.

    First of all, I will assume that you know the importance of appropriate smiling, eye contact, and body language. If you don't you can read any of the many books about body language written by someone who has actually studied it. Holding hands, hugging and close body contact, and kissing count to communicate your fondness.

    The art of conversation will carry you a long way too if you are a good listener as well. Try to avoid unpleasant subjects and never say a cross word. Don't ask too many questions; turn your questions around to make statements. When you speak, pause a bit to allow him to respond. Avoid saying no, but you can use uhhhh or ummmm instead. At first acquaintance, set limits to what your reveal about yourself or your personal history. Stay on safe subjects, comparing tastes in music and so forth.

    When listening, look at the guy talking and nod yes or no, say uh huh, ummm, ohhh and so forth. If you find it hard to maintain appropriate eye contact you can direct your gaze to his chest or below his eye level. Don't appear to eager or anxious and don't comport yourself as too aloof.

    Dress in a style that your target guy would appreciate, a bit on the sexy side and wearing a bit of red. Keep up your physical appearance. You are approaching or attracting the guy through the five senses: you look good, smell good, sound good, feel good, and act--well you get the idea. If you meet those criteria, you will need a waiting list because they will be queuing at your door. I know pretty Indian girls especially appeal to guys.

    Be discreet. Your sex life is no one's business but yours and you should never discuss it with anyone. You must choose only equally discreet guys who won't be telling everyone they bonked you.


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  • White guys only... coming from a Indian person? How shocking, never seen that before. I am not Indian, not white either. Aren't they considered Gods in India or something? I'm sure those Godly white guys look for the same things most mortal men look for. Really hot and smart women and probably women who don't like them just because their white.

  • When I met my GF (soon to be fiancee) I was instantly attracted to her independence, her sense of humor, and her outdoorsy nature. It helped that she is really pretty too. The quality of men that you are looking for will value personality and chemistry more that physical attraction, keep at it, there is a lid for every pot! :)

  • why place so much stock in "white guys"?

    • That's all I'm attracted to.

  • ... wow uhm we just normal guys searching for normal girls with normal lives and a normal bright future, hopefully a normal family normal kids with normal friends yada yada. we are different when it comes to personality though.. there ya go. :-)

  • I like girl who carries a big knife and catches crocodiles like Mick Dundee.


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  • I think that indian girls are pretty. And It is not uncommon for white men to marry them

  • -Petite
    -loves anal
    -flat ass

    Sad.. but true.

    • Agree except I know white guys like big tits so add that and perfect. (I'd also add blonde/light to mid brunette)

    • ahahahahahahah