What happened? So confused! Please Help!!!?

I was going out with this girl for about a month, then she gave me a bj in a park... Then after we finished she said- " I'm going to tell everyone (mainly her parents) we broke up so then they'll not be suspicious of why I'm going home later than usual, because they know I'm with you..." I thought it was a good idea so her parents thought that was the reason why she took longer... but it turned out she ACTUALLY dumps me that night over text? Was this planned? Why Suck me off? I'm soo confused!! HELP.


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  • I don't think she told her parents because any parent would of went off either way and would of notify the other parents she would of never had the chance to talk to you the next day if she did and she just wanted her parents to be mad at you because she was mad at you or simply wanted to break up and to be honest she kind of did u a favor why be with a girl who tells your guys sexual business out even to her parents i could see mom but if she's not close to her mom I don't know either way if she can tell out something that personal to her parents there's no telling what she could say about u to other people or blame on u and just letting u know some girls are like that where they will blame stuff on u so be careful who you date make sure u know them well enough to put in consideration ur feelings and life cause this girl could have gotten u in trouble or caused drama in your life


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  • I don't know what you should do really but first you should talk to her and understand what happened and if she doesn't reply or anything you should probably just forget her and accept the fact that she was a bitch to you.

  • She sounds like a crazy ass bitch lol sorry this isn't like advice but damn wtf


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