This girl seems to be slipping away and now she's going back to school?

I though things were going good for a while there or at least better than past years when I had seen her around town but not really been friends with her , we actually talked and hung out in person some nights and I sat beside her and even bought her a couple drinks.
but things never materialised into an actual relationship and she got annoyed when she found out I had been talking to an ex gf that she though I should not be trying to contact cause she had a new bf.
and yeah things just haven't been good the last couple weeks and haven't even seen that much or her at all. and I know she's going away to city for nursing school next week so getting worried I'm really going to lose touch with her

but not sure what if anything I can do at this point , might see her this weekend and that might be my last chance until she goes away for school


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  • It sounds like she isn't interested and has moved on, maybe you should too?


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