Are these warning signs of a guy just out for sex?

I went on an outing to the city with a 25 year old last night, we were with 2 of our friends. I'm 18, and only been talking to this guy for about 2 weeks. He told me he liked me, and it just went from there. So yesterday was out first official date, and this is how it went.

We got to a pub and ordered dinner, was so nervous neither of us ate much haha. Then he straight out just said, okay I'm really nervous so I'm just gunna do it and kissed me. We had spoken about it over text a little bit and I knew he was going to kiss me but I didn't expect him to within an hour. Later we went for a walk (the other 2 friends of ours were already getting drunk) but we couldn't drink coz we had to drive. So we walked through the park and it was nice, we just talked a lot, about everything really. But he would always stop to kiss me, and it's not like it was a you know... slow easy going kiss, it was pretty full on. Which I would NEVER do on a first date. Like my last boyfriend we were together a while before we even kissed a little! Lol... We then went to his car and made out a bit, like nothing more but still, for a first date is that bad? I don't know if he's just using me to get sex out of me (Which fyi I won't be doing!) When it got a little too heated I would stop somehow so it didn't go further.. so I'm stuck between thinking he's genuine or whether he just wants sex. He was saying really sweet things all night, telling me I'm beautiful and all that, but is he just sweet talking me so that I do give him what he wants?

Please help. This guy used to be known as a ladies man, I don't know if it's changed now that he's older..


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  • A ladies man does not usually cease to be a ladies man just because he is a couple years older. Usually it is pretty much the opposite of that. It does sound like he is trying to push you a bit outside of your comfort zone, and it is obviously going to be sex that he is after.

    This is one that you will want to progress pretty slowly with to see if he is interested in you as a person or not. A guy looking for sex can usually make it through 2 or 3 dates without payoff if there is some other physical progress, but after that they will start getting really antsy.

    • Yeah, I mean I don't usually move that fast, but I wasn't exactly stopping him or rejecting it.
      I think you make a good point. I'll make sure to go slow, and see if he's actually interested first

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    • Yeah, my last relationship of 2 years was destroyed because of sex. So I'm really not interested in just sex.
      Thanks for your help. I'm seeing him again tonight, I'll definitely try to limit the physical contact and get the talking going :P

    • Your welcome. Sounds like a good plan. Best of luck :)

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  • He seems pushy to me I think he is looking for sex.