How to stop all of these crazy fights and recover from the previous ones?

So my boyfriend and I have been fighting a lot... Often I'll say something as a joke (we're both joking around before that) and all of a sudden it turns sour and sarcastic. He gets super offended and it turns into an outburst. Then we'll fight and an hour later he's fine. The thing is, I'm NOT fine. It's taking a huge toll on our relationship (at least on my "side" of things) and I'm constantly walking on eggshells around him. Our conversations are awkward and distracted and I'm really at a loss. This can be fixed, I just don't know how.


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  • when he makes you mad then you act in a way you wouldn't normally act like walk away walk into another room ignore him that day and talk to him like nothing happen the next day or change the subject so it doesn't turn into a fight if your not free to express your opinion or how you feel to him then break up with him because you shouldn't half to stay quiet or walk on eggshells about everything your entitle to your own opinion maybe you guys need to go out more and do things that avoid you guys from talking about stuff a lot or negative issues that happen that day or weekend try to get your mind off of other things by doing active things together to where you can talk about those then the bad things that are going on or happening

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