Is it ok to eat with a different guy everyday for lunch in college?

I am going to community college and I am starting next week. Is it ok to eat with a different guy everyday so I can pick which one to date or is this a bad idea? I am trying to look for a boyfriend? Will I find a boyfriend if I eat with different guys and chose one who I want to date?


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  • How would you manage to pull that one off? You'd have to meet a different guy every day and have him comfortable enough for you to join him. That's quite the feat. Plus, the other guys who you ate lunch with previously would get pissed and would ignore you. On top of that, how do you plan on evaluating the dating potential of a guy based on having lunch with him once? This seems like a plan that would fail miserably.


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  • Dating and socializing is important but... you're in college for an education. If you just want a bf there's cheaper ways than community college. I have to add that it sounds very presumptuous and egotistical that you already plan on a different guy everyday. I'm not ugly but I don't think I'm that good to get a new guy Wednesday and keep Monday and Tuesday waiting with no issues. This isn't dating by the way. You are turning it into a forced interview process. No guy wants to date that when they figure out what you're doing.

    I date multiple guys but not in the same setting?


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  • I suggest you spend your lunch time reading for class and not trying to find a boyfriend.

  • it is okay no worries

    • socialising is okay but that shouldn't be the main priority

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