He said that he doesn't like me but I was dancing with a guy last night and my crush looked at me then started text on his phone.. Why?

I like this guy that I work with.. We've known eachother for quite sometime now.. A little bit ago he said there was a connection with us and then recently a bunch of us went out and my crush was there with all of our co workers and we were having a good time and stuff then I saw one of my friends I went to school with so I was with him the whole night and we were dancing with eachother and my crush comes right in front of us and he's just standing there and he doesn't even move out of the way.. Then he looks at me often that night actually he normally glances at me a lot with blank stares but when I looked at him he looked at me then started texting on his phone then moved over to one of our friends then we all took a cab back to when of my friends house and I was talking to my friend then my crush just takes off my seatbelt so that I can go inside with him like I don't know..


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  • So your crush both told you there was a connection between you two and also that he doesn't like you?


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