Is it okay that I'm the one to follow-up on our dates?

I met this guy online. We've gone out three times and spent hours talking, while having some drinks. At the end of our last date, we made out. He texted me when he got home and the next morning, he asked me out for the weekend and gave a few options.

Unfortunately, I couldn't meet that weekend as I was busy/studying. But I said that I could meet the following Friday. We exchanged several texts back and forth this whole week. By Thursday evening, he still hadn't said anything about the date on Friday. So, after asking his day was going etc., I said "So... tomorrow is Friday... still up for going for dinner?" And he replied right away, "Sure thing!" And then we discussed where we would go etc.
A similar thing happened with the 2nd date.

My feeling is that he doesn't want to come across as too eager and he seems a bit shy around girls. (At our last date, I got the impression he liked me very much).


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  • If he's just shy than it's up to you to decide if that's okay. I'm a fairly shy guy too so if my girl would act like this I would probably find it more important that the date take place than that only a few text messages were coming through at the last moment.

  • No it's not okay !!


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