Why would an ex keep your number?

Why wouldn't they delete after breaking up with you? And why woud they continue to act friendly and ask about your summer/life?


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  • Because they want to keep tabs and see and validate that they made a good decision not being with you. Or they are clingy.

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    • Hmm, I don't go out of my way to talk to him though. Clingy?

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    • Eww. I would hate beig used by someone who thinks they could come back so easily. Ugh, ending a relationship can be complicated as hell.

    • no it's easy.. you just ignore them and move on...

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  • Maybe there's still a hint of interest? But then again it may be keeping tabs on you for another reason, was brea king up with you a mistake? Just ask them. If you don't mind me asking why did it end? Was it one persons decision?

    • I'm sure it ended because things got awkward after I wasn't ready for sex. I wanted to get to know him better first. So he wanted to be friends.

    • Girl! If you're not ready for sex and if it is I don't know for sure the reason he took off then was he even worth it? It's a tough one but he might have wanted you for just sex when he saw you wasn't ready he wasn't prepared to wait..

  • As a last resort? If the gurl he planning on getting with doesn't work out, he will came crawling back to u. Im not sure if u still accept a cheetah anywayz >.>


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