Taking a girl to a date is scary. What should I do to be more at ease?

All the effort I'm doing to keep tne conversation lively is exhausting me. I'm sure she enjoys it, but I'm really tired after a date consisting of just walking around and talking.
The pressure I feel it's crushing me on the inside and I'm too scared to ask her out again.
She keeps making subtle moves to make me ask her out (like she says "I really like this movie, I would like to see it") but I can't make the first step.

What should I do? It can't go like this forever.


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  • Hahaha, god, I know exactly what you mean. This girl I like and am going on dates with, she gives me these hints like "When are we going out next" or "What do you have planned for next week? Are you free Tuesday?" and then when I say I am she has me plan the date. And I'm like... shiiiiiit. I'm broke!

    Man... Dating is a hassle. Then I have to do the conversation, which isn't terrible, but she cuts me off sometimes and I'm like, why did you have me initiate the conversation just to cut me off?

    So what you need to do is just realize you're boring, but so is everyone else, and no one is interesting. So just talk about things you care about. Then ask her questions. Then talk about those things you asked her about. Ask her about her opinion. Tell her what you think about some current event. Bring up something you learned.

    Get over the pressure and just ask her out. That's all you can do sometimes.

    • Hahaha, interesting advice but it is true, interestingness is in the eye of the beholder.

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  • We don't bite. All you have to do is to be yourself. Be a gentleman too.
    Also my boyfriend told me that, when he decided to get in bed and cuddle with me (when we were still talking), all he had in his mind was "20 seconds, what do I have to lose?"

  • Get high, you gonna feel all chilled


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  • If she is making subtle moves it means it's time for you to make those moves. You need to act fast because if you aren't making any moves she may lose interest in you and then you lost your chance. This is has happened to be before and i know it won't do you any better. It's time to nut up and take the leap. I hope you do make that move and it all works out good for you :)

    • Truth. Girls do get bored of guys, and they don't want to wait around forever. If you can't ask her out in a couple weeks time, or at least keep talking to her and let her know your'e going to do something, she won't be interested.

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