How to make him realize he belongs with me!

there is a boy one year younger than me he is one of the stubborn boys and does not show his feeling but I love him his girl is younger than him and does nothing for him and is way to skinny I give him everything he wants and more but i am thicker and we have kissed and done other things I would rather not talk about and he has said he has loved me I know he cares about me but he cares about her to ...they use to date and she just up and left him one day and started dating another guy but he left her and right away she went back to him he is nothing but a rebound to her I want to make him understand she will brake his heart again but its the most impossible thing to do because he is so stubborn and young what are things I can say to him to make him get that feeling we all get when someone makes a strong point what do I say to him to make him lose his breath and know that he belongs with me and not her something simple but so so so strong that it will make him realize how much I actually do love him more than anything and did I mention this guy is way stubborn and hard to talk to and does not show his feelings at all ...and what kind of response can I expect from him what little words can I pick out he says so that I know what he is really thinking


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  • I think the best way to get him to think about it, is to cut off access to him.

    See, he knows he can have you whenever he wants, but this other girl makes him work for it, so it interests him more because he feels he needs to accomplish something with her.

    So, cut him off. He'll either come running back, or stay with her. And if he stays with her, you'll know he isn't worth your time.


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