Going to school with my boyfriend... will it be good or bad for the relationship?

We've been dating for about 9 1/2 months now and we've never gone to school together before... I'm just wondering what it will be like seeing him every day... will it bring us closer together... or tear us apart?

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  • Well it's not like you'll be in all the same classes or anything like that and it'll be good- bring you closer together. You'll have more time to talk and probably see each other at lunch or other classes. It'll be good as long as you don't lose sight of everyone else in your life. Don't make him the only priority. He can be near the top of the list but remember you have school and family and friends along with him. Don't slack in other areas just because he's around more often


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  • I think when you go to school together your both going to see
    too much of each other and could end up getting tired of one another
    but who knows it may make your relationship stronger i think your
    both real young there will be other guys come along who your going like
    the same can happen to him with girls my advice don't get in deep with a guy
    cause of your age there will be lot of sadness if you two should end up
    breaking up if one of you start having eyes for someone else trust me
    when your underage 18 it can happen there will be break up and someone
    could end up getting hurt i really think you have some doubt about things
    will totally normal for teen girls

  • It will probably reveal how you two really get along. It will make more visible the little things you like or dislike about each other and I think that's a good thing. You'll get to know each other better, and that's something you want in a serious relationship.

  • Honestly it could go either way. I dont' think just being at the same school would have either effect.

  • Why would it be a bad thing?


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