Guys, if you ask out 50 women how many have you known will go out with you?

Based on your your prior history with women. Also how many do you think will have sex with you on the first night. Tell your age, body type, height, and where do you have success?


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  • Assuming they're all single...
    35-40, depending on the caliber of girl.
    Sex on the first night, probably 10 of the original 35-40.
    Age: 23
    Body Type: Muscular/athletic
    Height: 5'10
    Places of success: Random places. just out and about.


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  • I basically never talk to women or anything so I have no idea. Probably a very small amount.
    I'm 21
    I'm skinny because I have physical problems and haven't been able to do stuff
    I'm about 5'8"

  • Probably none, some of them wouldn't be single and some of them wouldn't be interested, higher percentage of rejection