Why is my boyfriend acting like this?

Well to start off my boyfriend and i have been together for 2 1/2 years. First you argue a lot i guess you could it a lot.. it seems as when i talk to him about my feeling he always says whatever and will cuss at me. and then when i ignore him he always saying what do i do to you to treat me like this. it's like he is playing games. Can anyone help me understand there is more to this relationship such as. He is always checking my phone since he feels he can since he bought it for me. I sometimes check his phone also, i check his phone but not a frequent as he does. As I'am writing this he is looking and saying i am always treat him like the "bad guy". Someone please help with any ideas with anything thanks. Fyi: When i get disrespected by him i ignore him for a while and then he says things like it's okay for you to treat me the way you do but when i do it to you it's a problem. I told him i have standards in a relationship and i won't tolerate any bullshit from him and if he's okay with me disrespecting him then he doesn't have any standards


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  • Anytime you get mad at him don't tell your friends and family and make him out to be a bad guy he's probably feeling like that because everyone else is getting involved in your relationship business he's worried about you cheating because he sounds insecure with himself due to how many times u get mad at him don't take his crap but ignore him instead of dealing with it because u adding on to his bad attitude will only make things worser i think he cares a lot about you he just doesn't feel good enough anymore


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