What would you do if THUS was your boyfriend?

This guy dating a friend of mine:

-He doesn't seem quite as concerned with looks, which is always nice.

-However, things started getting screwy when they started dating. She offered to pay for the date, which I thought was sweet and very much like my friend to do. When I asked him about it, he seemed thankful enough, but I was blown back by his insistence that "its what she SHOULD do if it was any decent date." Why is that? "She needs to prove she isn't a gold-digger". Umm and that doesn't make YOU one?

I mean, I personally think money shouldn't be something your relationship is about, let alone the first freaking date. And to prove she isn't a gold digger? "It shows she's interested" umm okay. Shouldn't you be trying to show this too?

Oops. When I said my friend was a girl, I meant a guy. When I said the date was a man, I meant a woman. And when I said "gold digger" I meant "cheap man".

Silly auto-correct.


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  • If its the first date and he INVITED her, then i think its okay for him to pay. But if there are more dates then I think splitting the bill is only fair.


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  • He seems like a jackass. I would never go out with a guy like this again if he took me up on my offer to pay on the FIRST date. Maybe the third or so, but i would assume im not worth the money if he had me buy it.

    • Haha, then why should a guy put up with the same?

    • because all that money girls spend on waxing/makeup/hair products/clothes to look good on dates, the least he could do is pay for dinner :p

    • I like that point, actually.

  • I would've just felt like he was just looking at my wallate then myself... Or what I am..

    But I would agree with TheNewClassic..

  • He should pay for her.


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