I'm too afraid of rejection to act upon my feelings?

What advice would you give me? I have had this crush on a guy for a year (then a gap year in between because he got a gf) and now again...
Still I feel like if I don't do anything I'm not getting anywhere. But If I get rejected I'll just blame myself and my self esteem will drop to the floor.


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  • Welcome to my world. 23 and rejected by every girl I've ever approached. Confidence is out the window. You have to remember though that you're a girl. This means all you have to do is give subtle signs that you're interested like subtle smiles and waves when you see him. Let him catch you looking sometimes too. I'm shy and have low self esteem but as a guy, it's my job to "make a move". As the girl you can just show signs that you are interested and available and he'll definitely come to you. Good luck :)

    • Well I'm tired of having to wait for him to make a move. I made the move with an ex crush and we hooked up (I was 16) and he never spoke to me again, which was really hard on me. That's why it's so hard now to have confidence! But hey, we have to keep trying! Good luck to you too! :)

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    • nooo we didn't sleep together haha I would never!! I was 15 we made out that's what I meant with "hook up" :)

    • Oh lol.. improper terminology there then :p

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  • Get to know him. Just think... you don't have him now. If you show interest and he reciprocates, you'll have him. If he doesn't reciprocate, you don't have him. So is that any different than the way it is now? You have so much more to gain, and really nothing to lose. Go for it. :)

  • If you say nothing you'll never know. The worse thing is he can say he doesn't feel the same, but, does he even know you do you talk frequently, does he treat you as any more than a friend, if not it is highly probable that he doesn't feel the same.

    • The thing is I don't really know him. He added me on Facebook and we talked a bit a while ago and now he started following me again on instagram and adding me on snapchat and sending stuff... I just don't know how to take that because he isn't directly saying he likes me. We live in the same city and go to school nearby...

    • Well, adding you to all those signals that at the very least he's probably attracted to you.
      Go for it, if you like him, at least you'll know then. If he likes you, date, if not, getting over him will be easier as you're not holding onto a one sided dream.