Has anyone ever dated someone that has suddenly expected them to join them with engaging in strange/crazy/OTT fetishes?

I have had an uncomfortable experience recently of a guy I really liked (who seemed charming, normal, successful and handsome) suddenly advising me after the 5th date that he wanted to watch me have sex with other people and then join in and also have sex outside, and also go shopping and have sex in the changing rooms.

I do like sex, but am pretty conservative (borderline boring in bed). For eg, I only have sex with people I am in a committed relationship with and my 'fantasies' are pretty 'boring' i. e have sex on a plane and/or private jet etc.

Has anyone else experienced this/announcement of fetishes etc and do a lot of people have these kinds of expectations?

As much details as possible about your experiences would be much appreciated.

N. B - I meant 'detail' vs 'details' in my original question (sorry, I hate typing errors).
P. S- And I also forgot to mention that he made mention of gangbanging fantasies.


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  • Try to think a little bit a head I think this guy is being honest. He has told you his kink if it's not for you then you can stop seeing him. I have found over the years that there are a lot of people with kinks it's just wether or not they are prepared to act on them. Interestingly over the last decade it is woman that have come out of their shells and started to enjoy their sexuality. Just look at the explosion in sex toys and its mostly women buying them.
    Kinks are very interesting how and why people develop them. Bondage , pee , pooh, pain, animals and anal. Anal is the one that most people now almost think is just normal.

    • I have no issue with 'kinks'. As @crazyced mentioned , my concern was with the introduction of other people into the relationship at that stage, which was weird, disrespectful and treated me just as an object.

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    • As also (which is kind of what mostly lead me to write the question) - he told me that he got into it only 2 years ago (he is 30), as his ex gf was into this kind of stuff, and he got a taste for it through her. So it did make me wonder!

    • No not all. I just think in these modern times people and more so woman. People are les and les reserved and more and more prepared to ask for what they want and hope they can find so. e one to share it with. I belong to some other forums and it never ceases to amaze me what some people do for sexual pleasure. Mostly women. I think so long as nobody is hurt or is made to do anything against their will its ok. If you are intreasted have a look at the forum at lovehoney. com.
      Please don't worry if straight is what you want you will find someone. When I got married I can honestly say that some of the things my wife and I now do and enjoy as part of our love life I didn't even know about or thought I would want. It has been part of our ever evolving relationship.

  • Trying to involve other people, especially so early in the relationship, seems weird to me. But having sex outside and in changing rooms is akin to your mile high club fantasy.

    • The sex outside thing was reasonable ish, but not my thing.

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