Should I break up with my boyfriend or no? please help!?

hey i have a boyfriend. haha. both of us aren't allowed to have Facebook and chat with people on the internet haha. anyways over the summer he's been doing nothing most of the time and he's always in his room and he would come on Facebook and wen i message him he reads it but never messages back. plus i try to make plans with him but he always says that he's tired or that he just got home and that he doesn't feel llike hanging out. we haven't messaged for 2 months and the other day i did and i thought he would say i love you but he never did and left facebook. to be honest i feel like he's not commited to the relationship. cuz i like wanna do something with him but he doesn't seem like he wants to do anything and he always says he's busy. and wen i ask wht he's been doing he says he hasn't been doing anything. my friends says i should break up with him. so should i? or no. need some advivce. plus we started dating since the middle of may and we are still dating so yea. thanks for helping (:


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  • Tell him: hey since you obviously don't have the balls to do it I will. Its over. Sorry.

    I mean he doesn't talk to you. He doesn't want to hang out. That's a pretty good sign in high school that the relationship is coming to an end.

    I assume you guys are in high school since it says under 18. Sorry if I assumed wrongly.

    • Its ok haha. Tbh i shudnt worry but oh well both if us are starting freshman year on Tuesday. But thanks a lot haha. I forgot he doesn't have a cell

    • Well then wait til school starts and then see how he is towards you. That way if it's just him not being able to contact you you will know.

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  • Do what will make you happy


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  • Um I guess you're not in a relationship? You two dont even have contact, so I guess its already over

    • I mean sometimes we'd talk like once or twice tho... I don't know its confusing