We did oral is he expecting sex now?

I started dating this guy recently and I really like him and want to make this work. I know that a big part of that is how long I make him wait for sex. I want to wait like at least a month longer but we've already done oral so does that defeat the purpose of waiting for sex? Is going to expect me to go further sooner?


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  • Why EXACTLY do you want to wait? Oral is a pretty intimate action and it isn't too much to assume escalation. Most guys, however view it as a good thing for their girl so he should respect you for it, especially if it was good.

    • I want to wait because I really like him and want this to last and sex always confuses things when it comes too soon, ya know? I really enjoy sex and like you said we've already been pretty intimate so maybe it'll just frustrate him? I don't know. I don't want him to think I'm easy or anything

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