Do players enjoy a challenge? Or only when they find her to be extremely attractive?

I'm wondering if it is enjoyable for a player to have a challenge.

It's not hard these days to find a girl that will put out easily, honestly. Especially with the charms a player has and how they know how exactly to get what they want from a girl.

I'm far from easy and I am also far from stupid. I like to think logically and evaluate a guy's words and actions before i allow myself to trust him and fully like him.

A guy I was seeing was definitely the player type but he was aware I didn't fully trust him. He would bring it up and I would tell him straight up that I didn't and why: that we barely knew each other, that he always had a line, and that he was extemely experiencd with women, that he was a huge flirt and knew how to get what he wanted, very charming, etc.

He would ask for topless pics for example. I wanted him to earn my trust before giving him anything like that, and I made that clear.

On a serious note he knew my stance on sex and how I believe it should only happen in a very committed relationship, as well as how I would not give him anything sexual or a sexy pic or something unless we were a couple and I really trusted him.

He would always call me a tease. He also said me denying him to touch me made him crazy to touch me more.

Our interactions were flirtatious a lot of the time and I could tell he wanted sex but I wanted to make him work very hard for it to see if he was serious.

Not to be arrogant or anything, but it was obvious he found me very attractive. Just in the way he would look at my body and seem fascinated. He would get so obviously turned on when I didn't even touch him. Always complimenting my body and appearance.

I'm curious if a player can find a challenge or tease like me enjoyable, when they find her to be sexually appealing.

I don't see why a player would work so hard for any girl when they can get a much easier girl to sleep with them a lot faster.


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  • To answer your question directly, though I am not a "player", I think any guy would enjoy winning over a woman who was a challenge.

    But in general, I don't think players really give a hoot to be honest. I mean "players" generally talk to a multitude of women so they have back ups if one doesn't "put out".

    Players don't have to work hard if a woman doesn't seem willing to give it up most of the time because they already know they're talking to 20 other women so one not putting out, isn't a big deal. Besides If they think the women likes them then maybe they'll stay in contact with her just in case she budges later on but they'll move on to another girl for the time being.

    • Definitely sounded like what he tried to do. He wanted to continue talking to me and I even got him to admit that he would talk to other girls and also talked to me when I dumped him.

      I got the Idea he wanted me as a backup or something so I was done. I don't want to settle for that

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