He's so shy... should I make all the first moves?

Ok so I just got out of a really serious relationship, and found a new guy that is so perfect... Except for the fact that he's never had a girlfriend before so he doesn't really know what he should do with himself when we are together. I would love for him to always be touching me but he seems like he either doesn't want to or is scared to. Should I put his hand on my leg? Should I wrap his arms around me? Should I tell him to kiss me? He has told me many times that he "likes" me so I know he's interested but I don't want to make him uncomfortable! But all I want is a good makeout sesh and him to grab my butt so this is very frustrating :(


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  • Go ahead and make the first move, even guide his hands where you want, shy guys are cautious because they don't want to break boundaries in fear of rejection but once u help break those boundaries he should feel safe to go ahead with things :p


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