So I like this girl, and everything was going pretty great, but I screwed everything up, help?

So I've been knowing this girl since Freshmen year, and I started liking her since last year when we talked a lot at this school activity thing. So everything was going great them I posted poems and other stuff on this other girls profile anonymously. But the poems were for the first girl I even included her name and everything. I just put it on the other girls profile because I knew she would never find them there. So I wake up with lots of notifications on my phone. And one of them is from the girl I like asking me why I posted stuff about her on that one girls profile. Them I'm just really shocked she even found about that. So I reply back saying I didn't do it and she says, that I did because she recognizes the way I talk (because remember it was anonymous). And I keep telling her no it was me. Then she says just tell me the truth please and I tell her it was me. Them she says that she was thought the words I said where very beautiful, but she was very upset that I posted on someone else's wall like that about her. And this all happened over summer, so i just told her not to worry that everything would be forgotten when we get back. So the first day I got back I saw her in the hall from a far and I know she saw me, but I didn't say high to her until I was really close to me, but she sort of rolled her eyes because she still couldn't forget what I had done to her. After that moment I felt so embarrassed and I've been taking the long way to my classes trying to avoid her but no matter where I go she's always there. And all I say to her is what I say to everyone," goodmorning" or afternoon depending on the time. I just don't know what to do or say. I need some type of love expert.


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  • Just tell her, okay it was me and you're right I shouldn't have posted those poems on someone else's page. But I would like to move on from this because I really do like you and value out friendship.


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  • From what it sounds like she is just upset that you posted about her without her knowing to someone else, but the poems were nice right? As a girl, I know that when you hit a snag in a relationship the best thing to do is communicate. Tell her that you didn't mean to upset her and be honest, if you care for her I doubt that hearing your side of the story would make her mad or anything. Sometime during that conversation say that you still like her and see if you guys could maybe try again. Go to a movie or hang out, something to get back in that rhythm. I'm no love expert but that is how I would handle it

    Good luck and I hope everything works out for you :)


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