Girls. is what im doing the right move?

im texting a girl and my message goes a while (a day or more) without it being replied too, normally what i do is just wait it out since we both have lives and what not, but then after a while i just forget about the person if she doesn't respond.

my friends told me it seems like im just giving up too easily, and that i should do it again and sees what happens till the 3rd time it happens,

but the way i see it if i make the effort to text you and what not, and you dont even respond or make a effort to try to contact me. why should show more effort, at the cost of looking clingy/ desperate. i mean i know a girl is into you when she responds to the things you text or answer the phone (or return calls if she missed them ) ASAP

im just wondering who here has the right mindset.


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  • I totally agree with you, like you literally read my mind. If you feel like you need to tell her what's going might as well it might help you, or just try like how your friends said and if it's the same response then don't text her, and move on or whatever you feel. Because it is really annoying when that happens, when it takes days for them to respond. Every girl is different but I think its fine if the guy keeps trying, and you don't look clingy/desperate. You're trying and that's really important.


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