Me and my girlfriend decided to make it official yesterday help?

Well me and my girlfriend decided to make it official yesterday, we have made out kissed held hands normally we have talked for a while now i have tru deep feeling for her i dont want to loose her she's a nice girl but everytime we talk or text she says im busy or something along those lines i feel like im being too clingy or does she feel same way back?


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  • Communication, communication and communication. The for games is definitely over. Talk to your girl as an equal. Let her know how you feel about her. She may be actually busy. Just cause you are in a relationship does not mean that your individual life must stop. Talk to her and find out wassup. Relationships are work and you sometimes need to ask uncomfortable questions. If you feel clingy then dial back on the incessant texting and give her a call or visit her

  • You are being too clingy. Which, ironically, will push her away faster.